Monday, November 12, 2012


MIAMI BEACH, Florida - The world of collector plates is an almost infinite place where different styles and textures completely overwhelm any sense of there ever being an end to them. It's difficult to stay fully informed. A competent appraiser would do well to assemble a personal database from which to draw comps. The companies that produce these artistic gems are familiar to the general public, not only art and antique aficionados. Among the biggest of them are Bing and Grondahl, Bradford, Genton, Goebel, Hamilton, and Royal Copenhagen.


This gold luster plate by Noritake is edged in black. Hand painted on the front of the plate is a lady with huge upswept white hair decorated with multicolored flowers. She wears a grey and black dress and holds a doll in her left hand of a pierot in a checkered black and white dress. The plate is marked for Noritake on the back and numbered “29812”. It is in very good condition. It measures 8 1/2in in diameter and has a Fair Market Value of around $500.00.

This hand-painted collector plate comes from Italy. It depicts a cherub riding over water on a fish. The artist created a border of foliage and fruit. It will cost you about $1,000.00 to purchase it.


Pablo Picasso is known more for his paintings but his art also extended to plate design. This piece is a simple depiction of an orange and white bird against a swirling green background. Name recognition counts for part of the reason this particular collector plate is worth $5,000.00. Created in 1963, it is part of a very limited edition of 150.

Shown above is antique French Sevres hand-painted and Transfer Chateau des Tuileries Cabinet Plate with gilt highlights and signed center panel. It is decorated with a central scene signed E. Grisard, surrounded by raised gilding. Measures 11.25" Inches Diameter. Beautiful detail along with great raised gilt decoration and painted flowers. Excellent condition, free of chips, cracks, repairs or crazing. Minor loss of gilt decoration. Stamped on the bottom with Chateau des Tuilleries in orange. The Sevres mark appears on the back in blue surrounding the letter "s". The value of this collector plate is about $500.00

A 20 inch diameter, hand-painted Italian collector plate, Artistica's exclusive 'Frutta Fondo Terracotta' products feature one of the most refined hand-painted designs wholly surrounded by a striking 'Terracotta-Red'. The intricacy of every pattern is obviously a very important element in hand painted ceramics, but the painstakingly process of surrounding the design with a solid color, like in the products featured in this collection, is a complex and time consuming technique that adds great value to each single item. A collector can expect to pay $700.00-$1,000.00 for this item depending on condition. Appraised value, of course, would be higher.


In this work the artist, Vik Muniz is commenting on, and re-representing, Caravaggio's 1590 painting, Medusa. Muniz has rendered the Medusa in pasta marinara, which was photographed and transferred to a porcelain plate. This is a rare piece that sold for only $500.00 which illustrates an important thing to know when collecting plates - this piece was sold as a "collector plate only" and did not include the original box or cards that came with it. As with many other types of collecting, the original packaging is paramount to realizing the highest value for collector plates. Whether you collect by artist, manufacturer or theme, don't throw out the box!!

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