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FORT PIERCE, Florida - The appraiser marveled at the pristine condition of the Beswick Huntsman figurine. The Carlton Ware hand-painted art deco plates were also impressive showing nary a crack or chip. Royal Doulton, Roseville and Moorcroft vases, bearing designs from around the world, each one individually wrapped in cloth and boxed, appeared as new as the day they were manufactured. Most remarkable of all were delicate Lladro and Royal Worcester figurines that survived without damage to any of the flowers, small animals and tiny teacups that adorned them. Now part of an estate dissolution, they were similarly packed with the same attention. This extraordinary collection had traveled thousands of miles, in this case from Europe to New York City to Connecticut to Miami, Florida. And at each location, they were displayed proudly by their owner so the question was how on earth did these pieces survive all of this transit unblemished with their rich colors and glazes intact?

In ceramics, designers and their inspirations have produced incredible art that rivals other art forms in their beauty. The added characteristic of their being three-dimensional enabled artists to add layers to their creative visions. Important and innovative designs from all over the world can be found in pottery and ceramics.

The value of the collectibles in Miami was almost a million dollars. The appraisal fee was one percent of that as the appraiser worked on the valuation over the course of many months. A world-class collection of ceramics and figurines, literally unmarked and unblemished, being found right here in Florida is the exception rather than the rule. Most items as well-traveled as these tend not to have been as well cared for. In legal matters such as estates, divorces, donations and bankruptcy proceedings, knowing how condition affects the value of personal property is a fundamental necessity that affects not only all of the participants but the appraiser and his reputation as well. One requires not only an appreciation of the arts. He must also have knowledge and dedication to do the thorough research that produces consistently accurate valuations for his clients.

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