Monday, December 12, 2011


BOCA RATON, Florida - A number of furriers and department stores in Florida recommend their customers to St. Lucie Appraisal to appraise the value of their fur coats for donation, estate or insurance purposes. Occasionally, however, owners of minks and chinchillas have to find us on their own. Often, when they do, it is only after a frustrating search for a licensed appraiser. People take their fur purchases very seriously. Exhaustive shopping trips attempting to find just the right fur are common. One can find a broad spectrum of prices for high quality furs. Small furriers can carry a huge selection of furs, much more extensive and even nicer than you find in the high end stores, and often priced much lower. When buying from department stores, try to make the purchase during an annual inventory clearance sale.

Just like your furrier, the person handling your fur coat appraisal should be extremely knowledgable and honest. He should be educated on the desirability of different furs and the quality of workmanship. Whether you plan to buy, sell, donate or insure a fur coat or collection, determining its value by hiring a competent appraiser is important. Florida is a warm weather state but a huge number of furs have migrated here from northern states. Often, in estate dissolutions, values must be determined, especially if assets are being divided among family members. At St. Lucie Appraisal, when it comes to furs, proper identification and thorough research results in accurate valuations and satisfied customers.

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