Sunday, January 16, 2011


MIAMI, Florida - Since receiving our first appraisal assignment for a Matryoshka collection (Russian Nesting Dolls) I have obviously learned a lot, viewed many beautiful examples and developed an appreciation for the art.  These outstanding pieces of art haven't lost value like most other categories of collectibles.

In Florida, particularly Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach, eclectic treasures gather from all parts of the world. These examples as well as  antiques, art and other ephemera make being an appraiser fun. These dolls, also known as "babushka" were created in the late 1800s in Russia where they are still made today.

Most personal property consists of items purchased from local furniture, electronics and appliance stores so evaluating their worth is easy. We charge about $325 to prepare an appraisal for the contents of the average 3/2. Add rare art, collectibles, antiques, etc. and that figure can reach into the tens of thousands of dollars - especially if extensive inventorying is required. One day I'll write an article about my encounter with a room full of more than a thousand Barbie dolls.

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